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Show Me Gear
by Bling Press Designs Payment Policy


 Our store is unique.  We provide products for the Show Me Athletics gym.

 Our prices are placed in the description of the merchandise, and you will NOT be billed through the Show Me Gear by Bling Press Designs website.  Therefore, the price at checkout will be $0.   YOU WILL BE BILLED BY THE GYM THROUGH YOUR GYM ACCOUNT.  YOU MUST BE A PARENT OF AN ATHLETE WITH A GYM ACCOUNT ON FILE WITH SHOW ME ATHLETICS TO PURCHASE MERCHANDISE FROM OUR SHOW ME GEAR WEBSITE.  


 Once you place an order from Show Me Gear you will get an order conformation email.   Then Bling Press Designs makes the product customizations specified in your order.

 Once your order is placed, we will send an invoice to the Show Me Athletics gym. The SMA gym will then bill you for your purchases. We deliver to the gym at least once per week. SMA management will then distribute orders to the correct gym parent. 

After your order is placed Bling Press Designs is no longer responsible for payment issues between you, the customer, and SMA.  All billing questions are to be directed to the gym.

 ALL CHARGES TO GYM ACCOUNTS MAY BE BILLED BY SMA IMMEDIATELY AND WITH OUT NOTICE.  Pricing on the Show Me Gear website is before tax and tax will be added to your purchases by the gym. The price for each item is listed in the description of that item.  Orders are typically completed within 2-5 days.  However, completion times vary by product, availability, and customization needed to complete your order. 


 Not all sizes are available for some products due to manufacturer shortages and shipping issues currently applicable worldwide. We cannot control shipping times.  Bling Press Designs does not keep all products in house even when website states that it is in stock.  We do bulk orders periodically to keep some items readily available.  However, most items are ordered from our vendors on an as needed basis.  

 Your items are made in an environment where glitter is used daily.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee that items ordered without glitter won't have small flakes of loose glitter on them.   

 Due to the handmade nature of some products slight differences and small imperfections might be possible.

 You are automatically agreeing to the terms of this policy by shopping with us.